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The IT job market is on fire

The IT job market is on fire

Here is a brief article on the status of the IT job market. It is a good read for any company that might be hiring in the near future. If you do not think that you will be hiring, guess again, your staff may not be as loyal as you think. The competition is riding hard to incentive your employees away.

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A good article indeed with good points. The IT job market is certainly on fire, with everyone looking for the same skills. Adding recruiters does not solve the fact that everyone is fishing in the same pool. Employers need to understand the market, and they need to have a strategic and sustainable staffing plan. With that plan, they should consider

1- hiring for talent rather than skills. Good talent can learn new skills in the same category

2- Consider cross-training. If you cannot find a Full Stack developer, cross-train between front-end and back-end developers

3- Consider importing talent or having a diverse international team working remotely.

4) focus your business and outsource non-core activities. None of these takes away anything from the good suggestions in this article.