Software Solutions

Software Development

  • Are you dealing with rising hiring costs and a shortage of talented software professionals?
  • Do you have deadlines that are putting a strain on your in-house technical resources?
  • Are you finding it difficult to locate software professionals that complete projects to a high degree of quality and efficiency?

Yoush Consulting offers in-house end-to-end application design, development, and complete SDLC management. We have been proven a more efficient and productive alternative to offshoring. Yoush has development experience with .Net framework as well as Enterprise Java and we offer flexible models from complete outsourcing to co-sourcing. We can assume total project responsibility, thereby allowing organizations to benefit from the highest ROI with the lowest development risk.

Today more than ever, IT is expected to strategically and adeptly support business objectives. These may be related to streamlining processes and increasing efficiencies; improving customer services; expanding markets; launching new products; increasing sales, and dealing with mergers or acquisitions. All of these changes may require a swift response and the flexibility to adjust your IT resources as required.

The Resource Advantage for Growing US Businesses

Accessibility Compliance & Development

Accessibility Compliance is required by law. Yoush has pioneered the Web Accessibility five years ago by hiring the best in the industry. We have been instrumental in providing Accessibility advisory services to the Public sector. Yoush has successfully helped build accessibility compliance through user segmentation, needs assessment, development, and testing. We have been true to ourselves by hiring Accessibility users to test Accessible online services. Let us assess your accessibility readiness and plan / present the roadmap to compliance before you commit to any work.

If you’re looking for a better alternative than a recruitment agency to solve your challenges, talk to us today. We are a professional IT services firm that has been providing experienced, dedicated and qualified software professionals for over 20 years.

Co-Sourcing: Yoush North Technology

United States small-to-medium sized businesses (US SMBs) face a significant challenge: They need the same advanced web presence, portals, apps, process automation, paperless workflow and security as big enterprises. But their budgets and staff are too lean to support a large, complex information technology (IT) infrastructure – and they often can’t access the high level talent they need. Many turn to outsourcing but quickly learn that local subcontractors are expensive and challenges introduced by offshore services, such as cultural, language and time zone differences, often yield quality and communication  problems.

  • Top Talent you can afford

    Yoush North Technology enables US SMBs to access expert technology talent usually only possible within large organization – at a significantly lower cost. That’s because we tap local talent in Canada, including top local engineering graduates (University of Toronto, Waterloo), and global talent drawn by Canada’s open immigration policies.

  • IT Professionals who work the way you do

    We ask the right questions up front to learn your corporate culture and match your needs with team members who will get up to speed fast and deliver the solutions you need. For instance, a specialized team can jumpstart new initiatives, allowing your internal staff to focus on day-to-day work. Or, we can help you free internal staff to manage high-level projects, offloading routine tasks to a more generalized support team.

  • Flexible and real-time communications

    Our co-sourcing model means you can access the talent you need, on-demand – often in as little as 48 hours. And unlike offshore resources, Yoush North Technology’s co-sourced teams are at most a time-zone or two away, which means stronger project management, clearer communications, better oversight and fewer errors. Additionally, you maintain  direct  control.

  • Dramatic Cost Savings and Outcomes you own

    Lower labor costs, no US taxes, no hiring/management expenses, and a strong US dollar all mean that you save money over domestic outsourcing. Best of all, you protect the intellectual property. You maintain project leadership. And you get credit for the successful results.