Quality Gate

“The ultimate software quality management solution”

Are you getting the best value from your developers? How secure and efficient is your code?

QualityGate is a comprehensive software quality management platform capable of calculating exact quality values from source code using a wide range of software quality metrics. It is empowered by quality models conforming to the ISO/IEC 25010 standard and has built-in benchmarks containing analysis data from a large number of both open and closed source systems. This makes it possible to calculate objective quality attributes and estimate upcoming development costs out of the box.

Key Benefits

  • Measure developers’ performance
  • Know software development value
  • Know security and performance rating
  • Manage development costs
  • Reduce operational risks and testing costs
  • Increase customer satisfaction


  • Track the quality of the community’s most popular projects
  • View the most important system metrics, warnings and critical items
  • Evaluate the developers based on their impact on the overall quality

Key Features

  • Benchmark based source code qualification and maintainability model conforming to the ISO/IEC 25010 (SQuaRE) software quality standard

    • Customizable benchmarks
    • Customizable qualification models
  • Unique management level analyses

    • Developer qualification based on the quality of committed code
    • Development cost estimation and justification
    • Trend analysis
    • Drill­down from quality characteristics to the root causes in the source code
  • Unique code analysis technology

    • Sophisticated code duplication analysis (syntax based ­ Type­2) and management (tracking, clone metrics, etc.)
    • More than 50 source code quality attributes
    • OWASP code security checking
    • Deep source code analysis for effective measurements and coding issue detection
    • Multiple programming languages supported with individual analyzers (Java, C/C++, Python, RPG)
    • Integration and enhancement of the most popular open source code style checkers
  • Affordable

    • QualityGate provides robust features for a more affordable price compared to the competition

Stay in control of your development costs and know what your developers are delivering with QualityGate.

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