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New Business for Yoush

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Yoush Consulting extends its public sector services to the Federal government. For the first time since its inception in 2001, Yoush Consulting applied to win the status of “Vendor of Record” (VOR) with the Canadian Federal Government. After intensive rounds of qualifications, Yoush was granted the status on both TSPS and TBIPS categories.  

Yoush is not new in this service area as we have successfully provisioned similar services to the Ontario Public Sector since 2005 and the private sector since 2001.  

In 2010, Yoush Consulting has also won the VOR for the Ontario agencies for Community and Access Care Centres (CCAC). This was yet another confirmation of our ability to serve the public sector. Yoush Consulting has started its I&IT consulting services in 2001, primarily serving few industry sectors in the private sector, namely Telecommunications, High-Tech, and Financial. 

Today, Yoush Consulting serves over a dozen industry sectors in Canada with an outstanding track record in customer service. This track record is no surprise as Yoush started its business with a focus in the CRM service area for SMB companies. Although our business services have expanded exponentially and our reach has gone beyond SMB companies, our commitment to customers and our passion for CRM remains intact. Yoush plans to expand on this services area in 2012 under a new

New Business for Yoush