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With over two decades of industry experience, Yoush is one of the best IT recruitment agencies in Toronto. We have successfully served the needs of Canadian SMBs across various industries ranging from software development to the public sector, providing expert IT staffing solutions based on diverse organizational needs. Our mission is simple: to help organizations deliver seamless IT projects by bridging the skills gap and providing expert IT professionals. 

Professional IT Staffing Services

Extensive ExpertiseOur IT staffing agency in Toronto consists of highly specialized IT professionals and senior project managers with a wide range of technical expertise. We understand the intricacies of IT projects and have a proven track record of delivering successful outcomes for our clients.

Tailored Solutions At Yoush, we recognize that every business is unique with specific requirements. We work closely with our clients to understand their business needs and project objectives. By identifying the IT skills gap, we provide customized IT staffing solutions that align with their goals, ensuring optimal results and maximum return on investment.

SMB Focus

As a small business ourselves, we intimately understand the challenges faced by SMBs in the ever-evolving IT landscape. Our dedicated team, equipped with the knowledge and resources to address the specific needs of SMBs, offers tailored IT staffing services that cater to their scale, budget, and growth ambitions.

Local Canadian ExpertiseYoush Consulting proudly serves the Canadian community. We possess an in-depth understanding of the Canadian business environment and regulatory framework. By leveraging our local expertise, we ensure our clients receive unparalleled support and assistance throughout their IT projects.

Public Sector Support – While our primary focus is on SMBs, we also help public sector clients within their unique framework. Our comprehensive understanding of government processes and compliance requirements allows us to deliver exceptional IT solutions to public sector organizations.

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When it comes to IT project management and IT staff augmentation, Yoush Consulting is the partner you can trust for bespoke IT staffing solutions. We are committed to helping corporate Canada achieve its business goals through seamless IT project delivery. Let us bridge your IT skills gap and provide the expertise you need to succeed.

Contact our expert team of tech recruiters in Toronto today to discuss your project requirements and explore how Yoush Consulting can empower your organization’s IT journey.

Recent Projects Delivered

We work with many clients in the Public Service, and nothing within a governmental organization can escape the scrutiny (and occasionally the scorn) of public opinion.

So when one of our Public Sector clients decided to move over 70,000 users to the Microsoft Cloud, we knew very well that this project needed to go as smoothly as possible. No project is ever without risks, but we know how to manage them and side-step potential hazards.

Our project management staff helped migrate employee email, Microsoft Office applications, and network drives/share to OneDrive for 75,000 users and 150,000 accounts. We carefully planned a comprehensive data migration strategy and coordinated with the client’s IT department to ensure minimal disruption to user workflows. Over a period of twelve months, we successfully facilitated a smooth transition to the cloud-based Office 365 (O365) platform.

O365 User Adoption and Change Management: The successful adoption of a cloud-based environment like O365 requires effective management strategies to ensure that employees understand the benefits and features of the new platform. We had to measure the knowledge gap and the training needs of each individual employee to develop documentation that could suit different learning methods. We also provided expert user support to help guide employees through the process and ensure a smooth transition to O365.

For a national tax company, Yoush delivered a Microsoft PowerApps Portal IT solution to allow client organizations to view their engagements, manage e-signature of documents, and exchange large files for fast and efficient communication. This project included architecting and developing a client-facing portal and file exchange mechanism that was fast and easy to use.

Technologies utilized included Azure API Management, Azure Web Apps, PowerApps Portal, and ReactJS.

For a Canadian financial company, we built new processes for their Client Portal. We led workshops to review and document the current state and plan future processes, working with business and technical staff to refine process activities and improve tool useability. We carefully

defined process objectives, roles and responsibilities and activity descriptions in regard to the impact on people and technology. We adopted ITIL methodology and focused on refining the user experience as a key objective for this project. We worked with the client’s tools and IT solutions, primarily Microsoft Visio, Microsoft  Word, Mind Manager, and Microsoft  PowerPoint.

Our greatest challenge was reverse engineering existing process artifacts, in some cases it was more effective to start documenting the process from scratch rather than updating existing materials. The second greatest challenge was securing approval from the various stakeholders on assigned activities, roles and responsibilities regarding the project.

The key outcomes from this project included:

  • Alignment of support resources on process activities.
  • Documentation of workflows and activity integrations.
  • Product improvement based on new requirements discovered from process GAPS.

In today’s business environment, it’s critical to have the right data, in the right place, at the right time, and key to achieving that is having the right business intelligence solution in place.

For our Public Sector client, we built several business intelligence solutions using Microsoft Cloud-based Advance Analytics Stack, including Azure Storage, Azure Data Lake Gen 2, Azure SQL DB, Azure Synapse, Azure Databricks, Azure Data Factory, Azure Streaming Analytics, Azure Function Apps, Azure Event Hub, Azure Analysis Services and Power BI Premium Services.

We leveraged our extensive experience in designing and delivering business intelligence solutions to design a custom Supply Management dashboard of over forty vendors and their contracts for the Ministry of Transportation. These vendors and contracts included snowplows and road services that monitor service vehicles against contract metrics.

We also designed and built an Azure Data Lake-based data store that hosts a large telemetry dataset for advanced data analytics.

For a national tax company, Yoush delivered a Microsoft PowerApps Portal solution to allow our client organizations view their engagements, manage e-signature of documents, and exchange large files. Solution included architecting and developing a client facing portal and file exchange mechanism. Technologies utilized included Azure API Management, Azure Web Apps, PowerApps Portal, and ReactJS

For a municipality in Ontario, we created a three-year strategic plan for the city’s Corporate IT department.

The objective of the project was to enable Corporate IT to support the city’s business units in delivering their business services.

Project Deliverables:

  • Development of a two-phase approach: Discovery and Development.
  • Stakeholder mapping and analysis.
  • Building communication plans around each phase of the project.
  • Completion of stakeholder interviews.
  • Analysis of stakeholder interviews and business leadership survey results.
  • Structuring and delivery of facilitated workshop sessions for IT staff and senior leadership. 
  • Developed presentations as required at various stakeholder levels.
  • IT Strategy development based on facilitated team input, with vision, objectives, outcomes, guiding principles, themes, strategic initiatives with experience and operational transformational focus.
  • Creating an IT strategic initiatives roadmap defining risks and mitigation approaches, critical success factors, KPIs, governance and strategic review cycles.
  • Presenting a final IT Strategy roadshow-style presentation.

Client Information Processes:

  • This project was delivered primarily virtually, with onsite workshops for key sessions.
  • Project governance was developed with key IT project management stakeholder roles clearly defined and identified.
  • Project team status meetings were held weekly during initial planning and bi-weekly with key IT project management stakeholders to review project status, action items, and issues.
  • 1:1 weekly working meetings held with IT project lead and required team members to continually plan and work through deliverables, workshop preparation, issues management, etc.
  • Monthly meetings with IT senior leadership were held to update project status, collect feedback, manage issues, review workshop specific activities and ensure continual engagement for this key IT team.
  • Leveraged online collaboration tools to facilitate virtual engagement and develop IT Strategy deliverables when required.
  • Created communication plans for both the Discovery and Development phases of the IT Strategy project.

Major Challenges:

  • Managing possible confusion between a parallel Digital Strategy project developed alongside the IT Strategy project.
  • Requirement to ensure the desired “voice of the customer” business outcomes were the driver to develop the IT Strategy, not technology-driven outcomes.

Key Project Outcomes:

Citizen Perspective:

  • Business initiatives enabled the client to deliver accessible, citizen-focused services leveraging technology.

Business Unit Perspective:

  • Provided measurable results to show the value IT delivered to the business units.
  • Showed that IT has “listened” to the stakeholders to move towards improved business relationships.
  • City council approved the budget for IT strategic initiatives.
  • Ensured long-term business transformation goals were supported by IT initiatives.

IT Perspective:

  • Provided a repeatable IT Strategy review process.
  • Delivered value to support the business over the next 2-5 years.
  • Council approved budget for IT Strategy initiatives
    • IT continues the shift to a service focus
    • Fostering a continual improvement culture in IT
    • IT team engagement in delivering strategic business value
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