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Project Management principles form the foundation of our operations. We are a project-based IT resource company. We rely on our project managers to deliver our client projects, and you are our true partners.

As our clients grow, so does our need for project managers. We are always looking for project and program managers. AI tools and resumes can provide limited information about a project manager because the skills we are looking for are their soft skills. Any good project manager can learn the technical and business needs quickly. Most project management consultants are up to date with project management methodologies such as Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Prince2, and project management tools. However, managing stakeholders’ communication and keeping the project team well-coordinated and effective during the crisis requires people skills.

At Yoush, we like to meet and know our PMs in advance, and we prefer to develop our relationship with senior-level PMs. As such, we ask you to apply to us directly and invest a little time during the calm to meet with our project management practice lead. Login to our portal and create your profile or send us a message, and we will contact you within 24 hours.  

Here's a sample PM positing:

This role requires a PM who has knowledge of and experience in delivering successful project resources across project requirements. The individual has overall performance responsibility for managing scope, schedule, and contractual deliverables, which includes applying their knowledge of technical projects with resource planning, tracking, and risk management of the project. They are responsible for managing all project resources, including initiating the subcontractors’ process, working with the delivery leaders, and establishing an effective communication plan with the project team and the client. The individual will implement a new process, understand the required business controls requirements, and/or partner with other parts of the team.

Communication/Negotiation: Able to articulate and compare alternatives approaches. Negotiate with specified objectives. Recognize problems related to project objectives. Apply creativity and judgment to technical and operational problems. Independently generates solutions, based on analytical skills & business knowledge. 

An experienced PM must demonstrate past success in delivering specific results within a certain budget in a limited timeframe. Additional nice-to-have skills are:

  • Agile Project Management Experience
  • Experience with Cloud platforms, AWS, Azure
  • Experience with Data Warehouse, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Cloud Migration, projects
  • Experience with a major application such as MS Dynamics CRM, Siebel, Curam, or major ERPs
  • Experience with one or more project management tools such as Microsoft EPM
  • At least one current Project Management Certifications such as PMI, Prince2
  • Posses key PM skills: Communication (written, verbal, listening, conflict management), Leadership (Conflict resolution, team building, motivation, critical thinking, decision making), Management (plan, coordinate, delegate), Negotiation, Organization (time, schedule), Problem Solving, Budgeting

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