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Business Intelligence and Analytics

Big-Data seems to be the talk these days. There are many compelling stories, size bragging, tool comparison, fancy charts, and big promises. Remember the one-size fits all t-shirts? What were they thinking, stretchable human bodies? One size fits all ugly. And do you recall the hype of CRM in the 90’s? Everyone was in CRM from headset manufacturers to major COTS companies; however, they mostly ignored the people factor. “Customer Relationship Management” all three words relate to people in sales, marketing, operations, users, etc.

Business Intelligence is all about your business, your information source, and how that information provides you with intelligence you can leverage. There are many products in the market to help you drive that intelligence from your business data; however, you first need to understand your data. Yoush consulting has alliances with and knowledge of many BI products. However, we remain product / tool independent. We focus on data analytics and the process of deriving business intelligence from data. We then let your BI needs help us identify a variety of products and draw the path to business intelligence. We offer you the expertise in data Analytics and Architecture to design your solution.