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Saying Goodbye to a great Consultant, Architect

Goodbye Bill, you always loved flying

Saying Goodbye to a great Consultant, Architect

We are deeply saddened, shocked, and heartbroken by the passing of our friend William Chan, a great IT consultant, storage and infrastructure architect, business development executive, father, and friend. The following few lines are what my pen cried. Please keep Bill and his family in your prayers.

RIP William Chan

You left many times before but never without a goodbye. We did not get to have our closing, bid our farewell, or cheer to one of your life passions before you take off on an adventure that you could not wait to prepare for nor dwell on its risks.

I do not know if the COVID train ran you over or you hoped on to your next passion. One thing for sure, you were too good for this world. You always had a smile with optimism even in the toughest of times. Recessions, economical upheaval, political battles, none of the daily nuisances of our lives seemed to have distracted you from your family, work, or friends.

We met over thirty years ago when you and Bobby came to work as co-op students. Technology seemed to have bored you at that time. You braved the Suzuki 750 early on and soon took off to Africa so that you can pursue your flying dreams in the toughest and riskiest locations. We babysat your bike for years until you settled with Taina from Finland! You were a world-citizen at heart, brother to Bobby and family to all of us.

You excelled at Dell and worked hard, but always kept your pilot license and your little plane. You loved t to fly, so take your flight to realm above among the Angels, where you have always belonged. Taina, Sabrina, Katrina, Roger, Diana, Amelia and all of us will have to move on without you. I just wish that COVID had a grain of compassion to let us bid our farewell. A cold call and a shocking news were all we got Bill. Pray for us, will you? You will always be in our prayers, until we meet again.