About Us

Established in 2001 by highly experienced information technology professionals, Yoush Consulting is a boutique consulting firm ready to enable your Business through creative application of Technology Solutions and Alignment of Processes by expert professionals. Yoush has a proven track record for delivery and customer satisfaction. In the past four years, Yoush has made the list of Branham300 top Canadian ICT companies, Branham300 ICT top 20 Movers & Shakers, and Profit 100 & 200. Our growth has been organic and mostly through referrals.

We are focused on services around Software Development and System Integration. Our flagship Quality Assurance product, QualityGate, can bring efficiency to your SDLC and save you money. It will help you manage developers, visualize productivity, improve code quality, and fortify software security.

QualityGate will make your team more productive and reduce your testing time. If you outsource, you should not be without QualityGate. QualityGate will show you what you receive for your money.

Our software development co-sourcing model is helping many clients push their product to the market faster. We invite US and European companies to contact us for details.

Bud Derakhshani

Bud Derakhshani

Founder – President

Bud is a management consultant and project management professional with over twenty-five (25) years of experience in the telecommunications, oil & gas industries, high-tech industries.

Bud graduated from York University of Toronto in 1983 with an Honours in Computer Science. His IT consulting career involved delivering solutions with global corporations such as EDS, Litton Systems, Deloitte across the Americas from Canada to Argentina.

Outside of running a business, Bud is involved with volunteer work in community sports and professional associations for small businesses.

Tim Lawlor

Tim Lawlor

Director of Resources

Tim received his BA with Honours from York University in 1994. He has over twenty years of experience in the IT Staffing industry with an in-depth knowledge of the Canadian technology landscape. Tim is responsible for all project resource management at Yoush Consulting.

Maggie Sansi

Maggie Sansi

Director of Finance

Maggie Sansi started her studies in Political Science at the Buenos Aires Catholic University and completed her degree with Honours at York University of Toronto. Shortly after graduation, she was assigned the role of quality control officer at ARCphone, a group of GoldLine Communications company. She was responsible for controlling the pricing and network cost for millions of transaction every month.

In 2004, she joined Yoush Consulting, managing the accounting department. Today, she manages the companies finances and budgeting.

Some of Our Happy Clients

Bud has been an asset to me since I first interacted with him. I continue to say “thank-you” for his work nearly 2 years later. This is THE person to refer to for his services. He is someone you would drop in and say hi to even after he did his part for you. I have a pending visit but know that with the passage of time, I still recommend him for his services.

April 29, 2008, Colin was Bud’s client

Colin WalcottCreative Designer at Davis & Henderson

I have challenged Bud with over 10 difficult hires with very short timelines, and he has been able to bring me a consistent pool of candidates that has allowed me to grow my Mobile Technology division in short order.
Very professional, and very flexible to unusual requirement

February 17, 2008, Dan was a consultant or contractor to Bud at Yoush consulting

Dan KershawExecutive Director, Furniture Bank (Lavalife at the time)

Bud is a true professional and offers very good advice, both from the technical and strategic perspectives. His solid experience in this field (IT) certainly complements his work and enables him to deliver with great results. Bud is a good partner, good friend, and good tennis mate with the strong forehand strokes

November 1, 2006, Yen K. was Bud’s client

Yen K. TuRemedial project management consultant in IT infrastructure

Bud has always been a very professional and pleasant person to work with. His subject matter knowledge makes him very good at what he does, and I would not hesitate to recommend him. With Bud you get both results and integrity.

October 26, 2006, Bamdad was Bud’s client

Bamdad JabbariSenior Program Manager Lead at Microsoft

Bud was always very professional in his approach. He was prompt and always kept me abreast of what was happening. I’d recommend his services to anyone

October 17, 2006, Mag was Bud’s client

Mag Saad, PMP Director, Outsourced PMO Services at Capgemini

I have found Bud to be experienced, insightful and diligent in his efforts to provide candidates and to truly understand the requirements and corporate culture

August 16, 2006, Rita was Bud’s client

Rita Krizmonics CIRSenior Consultant at KPMG US (was at Deloitte at the time)

Bud is dependable and trustworthy, ready to go the extra mile to get results and make a difference. He believes in initiative and has never hesitated to share his time and good wisdom. It is a pleasure to associate with such an enterprising and driven individual.

June 10, 2005, Marcel worked with Bud at Yoush consulting

Marcel WuArchitecture & Planning Consultant and Contractor

As CEO of CareerMatch, Bud uses his keen insight into technical program and project management, to match the required qualifications with the appropriate skill sets of various individuals. Bud’s in-depth industry knowledge and experience make him an excellent staffing specialist

May 26, 2005, Nousha worked directly with Bud at Yoush consulting

Nousha Etemad (Ram)Partner at Deloitte Canada

Bud and I have worked together managing projects and responding to challenging business proposals that were winners.

May 26, 2005, Shawn was with another company when working with Bud at Yoush consulting

Shawn NisenboimPrincipal, ParaTeck Market Development | Project Manager, OLG | Former Owner, Indigo Technologies Ltd.

Bud is CEO of CareerMatch, a company which has provided us with exceptional HR consulting services.
We are most pleased to recommend Bud and his team to any enterprise seeking responsible and dedicated staffing and consulting service

May 25, 2005, Erol was Bud’s client

Erol VekilSenior Business Consultant at Madison Consulting

Great person to work with who goes that extra distance to help out when he can

November 5, 2006, Neil was Bud’s client

Neil GreismanProgram/Project Manager, IT Architecture and Solutions

Bud is a highly service oriented and reliable individual; he is respectful of others and can navigate difficult situations effectively by building relationships. While at EDS, we always received favorable customer feedback about Bud’s work and personality.

July 5, 2007, Shahri worked with Bud at EDS

Shahri MoinConsultant at Mass E911 (at EDS at the time)

Bud has several positive qualities that make him standout by himself from others. He is very passionate with the project management profession in general and the volunteer work in particular. Over a relatively very short period of time he shows remarkable work ethics, sincerity and strategic leadership.

Bud has very strong academic aptitude. He is very talented. He has incredible multi-tasking ability. He is a good mentor and coach too.

Professional and scholastic skills of Bud are tied together in a magnificently friendly, sincere and caring human being. He is extremely sensitive, flexible, respected and admired by all.

October 24, 2006, Sanjay was with another company when working with Bud at Yoush consulting

Sanjay Swarup, PMP, P.Eng.Chair Emeritus, PMI-Information Systems Specific Interest Group